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Host multiple conferences, in multiple languages, with multiple speakers in the same room, at the same time. Silent Conference will revolutionise your event. From large corporate summits to conferences and trade shows – Silent Conference systems offer endless possibilities.

Deliver More Content

Maximise the use of your space and deliver more content than ever before. Silent Conference gives you the ability to have more speakers in the same room or time slot, without the need for separate breakout rooms or large spaces. Pack in more content and turbocharge your output.

Multiple Languages

Reach a global audience. Use our system to provide multiple translations for your delegates, and speak to them in their own language. Whether you’re offering a live translator or a pre-recorded translation of the presentation – guarantee that your content is understood.

Creativity Unleashed

Our system works wherever you do. Transform unconventional spaces or venues with noise restrictions into perfect conference locations. A Silent Conference system unleashes your creative instinct and lets you host your conference anywhere you can imagine.

Optimise engagement

Eliminate distractions. Make your message cut through the noise and keep delegates fully immersed in your content with Silent Conference. Our systems keep delegates engaged with your content and make it easier for them to focus on what really matters.


Another USP of the Silent Conference System is the individual adaptation of the equipment to your corporate identity. The headphones can be branded with your logo to strengthen the company’s brand presence at the event. Thus, the glowing company logo is represented on every photo and social media feed.

Up to 30 Channels

Whether you have 2 speakers or 30, our system lets you deliver your content in parallel. Run more sessions and offer more content to your delegates.

Long Lasting

Our headphones can last up to 12 hours and our short turnaround time keeps multi-day events running smoothly and continuing uninterrupted.

Share the Space

Bring your delegates together without segregating attendees by sending them to breakout rooms.

Forget Noise Restrictions

Hold events in spaces with noise restrictions or locations where a PA system cannot be deployed.

Keep Focused

Sound spill can prove difficult at conferences, but when your audience puts on a set of our headphones they are immersed directly in the content, with no distractions.

Remove Restrictions

With a range of up to 300 metres, your delegates are free to move around the conference space while still engaging with your content.


Case Studies

We know every event is different so no matter what you’re trying to accomplish we’ll work with you to realise your vision. Read our case studies to see how we’ve helped some of our clients bring their event to life and discover just some of the problems we can solve.


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