The reason why SILENT CONFERENCE is popular with sales events

Sales Conferences; Product launches; Sales Seminars; Sales Team building all are important in upskilling and developing your staff to help you increase your revenue. One trend that is occurring frequently at these events are silent conference style headphones. 

Why are headphones so popular at sales events in particular?


It’s because sales teams and managers understand the importance of clear, effective communication more than most.

Imagine you are a salesperson sat in a potential clients office, and just as you are delivering a fundamental benefit of what you are offering, a bus goes by; or the phone rings, or someone pops into the office…it breaks the flow of your sales pitch. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost the sale necessarily, but it could mean you’ve ‘popped out of the zone’, the flow has been broken and you need to rebuild that to effectively communicate a persuasive pitch.

Sales conferences are extremely similar, except disturbances and interruptions are inevitable. We’ve all been there- someone coughing, the sound of phones, a whispered chat 2 seats along….

Sadly most guest speakers don’t include 40% superfluous words, or 30% irrelevant points just in case someone sneezes and the message is left undelivered. Have you ever known a sales event that includes meaningless break-outs just to fill time?

In most instances, every delegate, every presentation and indeed every word matters at a conference or event. Those missed messages could be the difference between getting the results- or not.

If you’re a sales manager you’ve probably realised already, and so after incurring the 99% of effort and cost in planning, organising, booking and executing an important event, the small step of adding a SILENT CONFERENCE headphone solution to ensure every word is heard, every point is made and every audio distraction eradicated seems self-explanatory.

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