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SILENT CONFERENCE didn’t take much persuading to pack our bags and head off to the beautiful (if rainy) city of Amsterdam for another important event from one of the world’s biggest accountancy firms.

Whilst we often get the buzz and excitement of providing headphones to thousands of delegates, ensuring that we can help you deliver important messages simultaneously, day after day we are also providing solutions to much more intimate groups of people who benefit from our technology in different ways.

“EY is a really great example of this.”


In a nutshell, the event consisted of smaller groups of people, usually management with overlapping interests. Within one venue, the groups were able to come together for a traditional conference session, but then break into 3, 4 or 5 smaller groups- all made possible by the SILENT CONFERENCE solution.

These smaller groups are able to enjoy a multimedia presentation hosted by a field expert, using headphones. This enables the groups to get really deep into the subject they are focussing on and ask questions before moving on to the next area.

Accountants are renowned for their abilities to question and challenge expenditure, and focus it towards results – so how can adding headphones to an event actually add up?

EY Conference break out area 1 using SILENT CONFERENCE headphones

Less event infrastructure and cost

As a client it can be extremely difficult to find an event with multiple break out rooms without breaking your event budget. By using the SILENT CONFERENCE solution it means that clients don’t need to find and pay for a venue with multiple break out rooms. All delegates and attendees of the event can stay in one space, host multiple talks and deliver their messages directly to their intended audience.

Higher levels of absorption and comprehension

It is well established (and common sense) that audible distractions reduce the ability to concentrate. Even if it’s just a couple of people chatting, the odd cup being placed down or chairs moving, these are all audible distractions that are eating your delegates attention.

If you’ve gone to the expense and effort of gathering experts, flying delegates in and preparing your event, it would seem illogical to allow minor distractions to impact the amount they actually learn whilst there. EY now use SILENT CONFERENCE headphones regularly because they have seen first hand the power of ‘getting in the zone’ and removing distractions.

Event efficiency

By hosting with SILENT CONFERENCE it helps to keep people in one room, minimising the amount of downtime that attendees walking from room to room creates. It also means that your audience does not have to face the possibility of frustratingly getting lost trying to find the next conference room.

Creative possibilities.

Using the SILENT CONFERENCE solution does not restrict what you do- it can open up new possibilities. The conference headphone solution can work anywhere so they can fit in with your event. Clients don’t always plan the event with break out sessions in mind, but they arrive at it afterward as an added advantage.

Let’s say you have a venue booked with 30 important global members of your team coming together for a 3-hour presentation on policy. While they are there, is there the opportunity to do more with them? Extra sessions covering different topics, or a deeper insight into sections of the main presentation can easily be turned into break out sessions, and with Silent Conference headphone solutions, you don’t need to start looking for extra rooms.

What next?

We believe that you can help you enhance your messages using SILENT CONFERENCE in a fun and exciting way, whilst helping you reduce your budget. To discuss how SILENT CONFERENCE could be incorporated into your next event, large or small contact our friendly team, simply contact us


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