Some of the Silent Conference team have just returned from another successful event, incorporating our headphones in yet another unique way.

We were invited to the B&M stores conference, in which all store managers and the top tiers of the company personnel gathered at Event City, Manchester.

B&M stores, is widely hailed as the UK’s fastest growing retail business. Having seen their unique and inspiring approach to their sales conference it’s easy to understand why. We are proud that SILENT CONFERENCE headphones provided an integral part of that.

As part of the conference, a complete replica B&M store was built. Within this store, there were 24 major areas of sales, and each was hosted by a manager for that division.

Groups of store managers were able to work their way through the store, gaining a valuable insight into each area, its new products and upcoming sales strategies.

As you can imagine, having 24 separate areas, each with a passionate presenter and a few refreshment stations along route, the space soon became rather loud. Delegates from the previous years’ conference provided the feedback that they’d wished they could hear everything more clearly.

The solution


SILENT CONFERENCE were invited by our regular production partners Hawthorn to propose a solution, and we worked together to design, research and license wireless audio channels so that each area could be served by microphones and headphones.

The headphone conference solution was an overwhelming success with founders, managers, presenters and delegates exclaiming how they’d been able to hear every word, and leave the conference more knowledgeable than ever before.

This was one of SILENT CONFERENCE’s biggest challenges to date, and to the best of our knowledge, the first time a headphone set up like this has ever been used with such a large number of wireless channels.

The use of the headphones at B&M’s conference enhanced the experience for their delegates attending the event in a creative and beneficial manner. The SILENT CONFERENCE still gave them the client creative freedom in delivering a truly unique event.

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